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The Round Lake Community Garden was founded in the mid 1970's to provide a location for Village residents to have a small garden plot, to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers for personal use. The location was designated by the Board of Trustees for our use and has been in the same location ever since – corner of George and Haven Avenues.  The space is divided into fourteen 20 x 25 plots (approximate size). Plots are assigned as available.

The Village of Round Lake maintains the water line and spigot provided at the Community garden.

The Village of Round Lake mows the perimeter of the gardens.

At the request of the Village DPW, trees are not to be planted in the individual plots.

The Round Lake Community Garden has responsibility for the following: Mow grass walkways separating the plots; maintain a compost area when applicable. All gardeners are required to assist in maintaining the compost, i.e. turning the material on a regular basis to promote decomposition of materials.

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